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Ms Meenakshi DuaKILOKILLER is the enterprise of Ms Meenakshi Dua , a qualified engineer and a highly trained professional in repair of high-end machines like E.C.G, Diathermy, Ultra Sound etc who had to switch to an entirely new field on account of an unfortunate road accident in the year 1986. After five major operations spread over in five years and a prolonged physiotherapy, life had something else in store for her which went on to become greener pastures for her. With her never say die attitude and her zest for remaining fit , young and active and her romance and tryst with the imported equipments used in body management to control weight and ageing made her take interest in the field of slimming & aesthetics . She qualified in the field of aesthetics from IIT-RAW an eminent institute for training medical professionals in the field of aesthetics through medical lasers and ultrasonic therapies. To substantiate her newly acquired knowledge, she chose to undergo further extensive training with highly recognized Institutes like VLCC and Blossom Kochar where she not only learnt minute details but also mastered them by serving with these Institutes.

After having shouldered her service in the best of manner for innumerable years and equipped with ample experience under her belt., she opted to open her own slimming and aesthetics centre at Janakpuri, New Delhi.

Having engineering background and intrinsic knowledge of slimming & aesthetics machines, she personally handpicked truly productive and result oriented machines like LYMPHOGY, ISOGEI and TRANSION MACHINES, which have been developed and manufactured in Italy and have done wonders for European Bodies where the expectations and awareness are much higher as compared to India. synopsis of which are provided overleaf. Known for her intransigent temperament, her centre proudly claims a very high success rate. There is no hidden secret that this success rate is highly achieved on account of her personal attention and care to each and every client. She is a lady with a stable head over her shoulders and her eye fixed on results.

She is also an associate bachelor in alternate medicine like Acupuncture/Acupressure and sujok therapy from Indian association of Acupuncture Delhi, and Acupressure Shodh and Prashikshan sansthan AIIAHABAD.

Her knowledge in both the fields places her in altogether a different league which gives her an edge and unmatched ability to mix and match her knowledge to treat and control problems related to weight loss, beauty, thyroid or any other hormonal problem, water retention, ,monthly periods, cyst in the ovary ,gall stone, discoloration of skin, acne and many other. Needless to mention that results vary from person to person.