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TRANSION for Weight Loss Inch Loss Slimming Figure Correction Treatment

Kilokiller TRANSION for Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Slimming, Figure Correction treatment in Janakpuri, Tilak Nagar, Vikaspuri, Uttam Nagar, Harinagar, Shiv Nagar, Rajori Garden, Subhash Nagar.

Weight Loss Inch Loss Slimming Figure Correction by TRANSION transion

As we all know that horse comes before the cart and not the cart before the horse, we should make a thumb rule that our body should first be treated with Transion for desired result and only after achieving the results plan to join the gym for maintaining the same. Whereas most people make the mistake of joining the gym and on not getting the result in due course of time start looking for Weight –Loss Clinics.

Treatment with the help of TRANSION creates a rapid isotonic muscle movement via electrical stimulation strong enough to tighten and firm without causing soreness. No energy is supplied to the muscles and must, therefore, draw from the body’s stored fat to perform the task. These muscle movement/contraction produces inch loss, weight loss and toning of targeted muscle groups. The muscle contracts at maximum intensity without injury or soreness providing maximum results. The torsion movement slightly torques the muscle expelling the extra cellular fluid which may contain waste and toxins. Inch loss is noticeable immediately following the first treatment.
♦ Immediate inch loss upto a total of 10-15 cms from the waist, abdomen and thighs in a very first sitting/session.
♦ Body reshaping
♦ Elimination of fluids
♦ Muscle toning and tightening
♦ Improved blood circulation