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Water retention, weight gain, cellulite, acne, swelling in the face and many such causes need immediate attention under medical expert care. To achieve ideal skin & total body health we must facilitate the purifying drainage of the lymph nodes and venous system, an automated cleansing system that works in conjuction with your heart to obtain maximum lymphatic and venous drainage.The LYMFOGI emits pulse which stimulates the muscles causing contraction and thus produces pressure along the lymph vessels enhancing the drainage & purification process. This procedure can be received up to 3 times in a week. It relieves congested lymphatic vessels which can be helpful in improving above mentioned.

1) Increased blood and oxygen circulation.
2) Immediate relief from water retention.
3) Reduces waistline abdomen and thighs
4) Ease painful and swollen limbs and ankles
5) Resolve and prevents cellulite
6) Removes puffiness from your body
7) Improves circulation and skin conditions.